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Frequently Asked Questions


Where does SEASPAR get its funding?

Local property taxes contribute approximately 64% of the total budget.

The remaining sources are program revenue (30%), donations/grants/fund development (5%), and investment interest (1%).  SEASPAR receives no state or federal funding.

How many people work for SEASPAR?

SEASPAR employees 14 full-time employees and more than 170 part-time staff each year.

How big is SEASPAR’s service area?

SEASPAR’s service area covers nearly 70 square miles and a total population of approximately 240,000 people. Of that population, nearly 10% likely have some type of disability. Of those individuals, ½-1% are likely to require or participate in special recreation services.

SEASPAR’s member entities include the park districts of Clarendon Hills, Darien, Downers Grove, LaGrange, LaGrange Park, Lemont, Lisle, Westmont, Woodridge, and the villages of Brookfield, Indian Head Park, and Western Springs. Anyone residing in those incorporated entities may participate in SEASPAR programs.

Can non-residents participate?

Only if they live in an unincorporated area that is not a part of a village or park district or if they live in the area served within the Western DuPage Special Recreation Association, with which SEASPAR has a reciprocal agreement. Proof of address is required. In either case, residents are given priority registration.

How many programs and events are offered?


How many people are served? 

Individuals:  1691

Number of registrations:  7124

Service hours:  114,083

Are inclusion services provided?  If so, how does that work?

Inclusion support is provided for individuals who choose to participate in programs offered by SEASPAR’s member park districts and village recreation departments. Aides, staff training, and assessments are available to assist in the inclusion process. To begin the process, register for the program(s), indicating that inclusion support is needed on the form. Next, please let SEASPAR know that have registered.

Is transportation provided?

Door-to-door transportation is not provided, although pick-up points are offered in La Grange, Downers Grove, and Lemont for special events and some programs. Point-to-point transportation is offered for day camps.

Where are SEASPAR programs held?

Just about anywhere! A few are conducted at our office, but most are held at our member entity facilities and commercial facilities in the area.

How do I get started?

Call us at 630.960.7600, contact us online, or stop by the SEASPAR office to speak with a member of the staff who can assist you in determining how SEASPAR can best meet your needs.

How do I know if SEASPAR is for me or my family member?

Contact SEASPAR to set up a meeting with a staff member who is responsible for providing services to someone of your age or with your type of special recreation needs. The staff will be excited to meet you and to learn about what you might like to do in your leisure time. They will also let you know about the programs and services that SEASPAR offers for you.

Why do I have to fill out an Annual Information Form?

SEASPAR takes its responsibility for providing safe and meaningful programs and services seriously. The information on the form provides invaluable health, behavioral, and contact information to provide you with the best of care and appropriate programming possible.