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Staffing Procedures and Policies

SEASPAR programs are staffed according to the needs and abilities of participants as well as the nature of a particular program. Most youth programs have one staff to three participants and most adult programs have one staff to six participants, but this varies due to the content and nature of the program. There are programs which have one staff to one participant. Closer staff to participant ratios are typically for those individuals who have more involved needs and/or behavior issues.

By completing your participant’s Annual Information Form completely and accurately, you can help us plan for our programmatic staffing and safety needs.

Qualifications of Full-time/Part-time/Volunteer Staff

The responsibilities of our full-time and part-time staff are both in the spotlight and behind the scenes planning, preparing, training and supervising of all the programs supported by SEASPAR, as well as the administrative business operations, public relations and marketing, fundraising, and community relations.

Each staff member brings unique talents to SEASPAR and our programs and participants. Our full-time recreation staff and administrators typically have bachelor’s degrees in Therapeutic Recreation or a related degree and all hold certifications related to the field of special parks and recreation. All of SEASPAR’s full-time staff bring their own specialized talents to SEASPAR to provide well-rounded programs to SEASPAR participants.

Our part-time and volunteer staff members may be high school students or retirees. Part-time staff applicants must be 16 years or older, and volunteer applicants must be 15 years or older with parental approval. Some have a special education background or are from a related field, and some come to SEASPAR with a corporate background. We have individuals from all walks of life.

The most important aspect – they all want to make a difference in the life of a SEASPAR participant. All employees are expected to embrace SEASPAR’s mission, vision, and core values in their day-to-day job responsibilities.

Learn more about becoming a SEASPAR staff member or volunteer.