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SEASPAR owns and operates a fleet of vehicles. These vehicles are used for point-to-point transportation for many SEASPAR programs as well as any transportation during the program to activity locations for participants and staff.

Program and Event Transportation

Each program description in the program guide, flyers, and letters that are distributed will indicate whether transportation is available. If it is, the pick-up and drop-off points are scheduled at various locations within SEASPAR’s member communities. These locations may include:

  • Darien: Darien Sportsplex, 451 Plainfield Road, Darien
  • Denning: Denning Park, 4901 Gilbert Avenue, La Grange
  • Lemont: Centennial Community Center, 16028 127th Street, Lemont
  • Lisle: Lisle Recreation Center, 1925 Ohio Street, Lisle
  • SEASPAR: SEASPAR Office, Downers Grove Recreation Center, 4500 Belmont Road, Downers Grove

Participants registering for programs with transportation should indicate their transportation choice on the registration form.


Burgundy BusSEASPAR asks that parents promptly drop off and pick up participants at the designated program times. Before programs, staff are busy preparing for the program and are unavailable to supervise participants. After programs, staff may be scheduled at another facility and need to depart soon after the program. By allowing them to complete their work promptly, SEASPAR can operate more cost-efficiently. Be sure to check in with the staff when dropping off and picking up your child.

Families of participants who are not picked up promptly are sent a letter that serves to remind them of the concern. If the situation continues, a charge is imposed for subsequent late pickups. If a participant is picked up late (more than 10 minutes) three times in three months or less, a warning is sent stating that the next late pickup results in a payment due to SEASPAR for the overtime. A rate of $18 per hour is used. Payment is due to SEASPAR within one week of notification. If not paid promptly, the amount is due prior to the next registration. The staff makes every effort to return on time from all outings; we ask your cooperation in making pickups promptly.

If a participant is traveling home unsupervised, parents or case managers must submit written notice to the SEASPAR office. Please submit this notice with the registration form. We ask that you notify SEASPAR if someone other than a familiar family member is picking up your child.

Transportation Safety Procedures

The following procedures are required to ensure the safety of our participants while riding in our vehicles. SEASPAR reserves the right to refuse to transport individuals.

  • All passengers must be sitting in seats or wheelchairs with seat belts securely fastened, or the driver will not move the vehicle.
  • All wheelchairs must have brakes that are in good working condition and can stop the chair from moving.
  • Persons using an Amigo-type scooter or stroller must transfer to a vehicle seat and use a seat belt.
  • SEASPAR staff are responsible for determining whether a participant can be transported safely.