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Resident/Non-Resident Policy

SEASPAR does not accept out-of-district participants unless they reside in an unincorporated area.  An unincorporated area is property not within the boundaries of a park district or municipality, e.g., village, town, city. A 100% increase in fees is charged for non-residents to participate. Example: A $20 in-district fee is multiplied by two for a total of $40. Registration forms for non-residents are accepted at any time, but are not processed until resident registration is completed. In all cases, residents are given priority and non-residents are admitted to programs only after all interested residents are served.


The SEASPAR/WDSRA Agreement allows residents of each SRA to register in weekly programs and special events of the other at the in-district rate. Overnight trips are not included. Registrations must be submitted by the agency’s deadline, and are processed after the agency’s residents. WDSRA serves the communities of Bloomingdale, Carol Stream, Glen Ellyn, Naperville, Roselle, Warrenville, West Chicago, Wheaton, and Winfield. For information, call SEASPAR at 630-960-7600. For a copy of the WDSRA brochure, call WDSRA at 630-681-0962.