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Summer Day Camp Jobs


Summer Day Camp

Provide opportunities, earn a paycheck, be home by dinner time.

Summer jobs at SEASPAR’s day camp program offer you a unique opportunity to shape the lives of people with disabilities. Through the work of our camp staff, people with disabilities ages 5 to 22 are provided the opportunity to achieve potential and realize dreams. In addition, our summer camp jobs offer competitive pay, opportunities for advancement, and daytime hours so you can enjoy your summer the way you want. 

Available Positions

Get your foot in the door in a position that works best for you!

  • Day Camp Assistant
  • Day Camp Site Director
  • Day Camp Counselor
  • Inclusion Aide

Apply for any of these positions and more!

Noteworthy Benefits

Summer jobs at SEASPAR offer:

  • Paid Training
  • Summer Pool and Fitness Memberships
  • Performance-based Gift Cards
  • $50 Gift Card Referral Program
  • Resume Support/Boost
  • Opportunities for Extra Hours

*Pool and fitness memberships are to participating agencies. Memberships are limited to the summer season. Contact us for a list of available options. 

†Performance-based gift cards are distributed based on performance and are awarded to staff who excel at their assigned duties.


Skip the line and schedule an interview today by calling 630.960.7626 (ask for Shannon Tovey).