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At the Movies Schedule


A night out at the movie theatre with good company is one of life's pleasures. SEASPAR's At the Movies program offers people with disabilities a chance to watch the latest box office hits in the company of friends. Each Thursday, registered participants of At the Movies watch a PG or PG-13 rated movie at either Cinemark - Seven Bridges or AMC Quarry Cinema (selected at registration, pre-registration is required). Movie selections and times will be displayed below prior to each show.

Now Showing:

The schedule for SEASPAR's At the Movies program on Thursday, April 27 is as follows:

Cinemark - Seven Bridges

Fantastic Beasts
Rating: PG-13

Participant drop-off time: 5:00 pm
Participant pickup time: 8:15 pm

 Pickup up/Drop off Location: Cinemark - Seven Bridges

AMC Quarry Cinema

Fantastic Beast
Rating: PG-13

Participant drop-off time: 6:00 pm
Participant pickup time: 9:15 pm

Pick Up/Drop off Location: AMC Quarry Cinema