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Financial Information/Fee Assistance

Full payment must be received with program registrations unless other arrangements have been made. Payment may be made by check, money order, cash, or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express). For online program registration, full credit card payment is required at the time of registration. Instructors may not receive payment at programs.

Refund/Credit Procedures

  • A full refund is issued if a program or special event is cancelled by SEASPAR.
  • In order for a participant to drop from a program or special event, SEASPAR must be notified three business days prior to the start of the program or special event to qualify for a refund. At this time, the participant will be refunded the cost of the program less a $5 processing fee, the cost of a ticket (if applicable, unless a participant on the waiting list registers), contracted services, or specialized non-refundable supplies.
  • A prorated refund is issued if a written medical excuse accompanies the refund request.
  • If a participant cannot attend a program or special event, he/she cannot send a substitute in his/her place.
  • No refund is given if a program is postponed due to low enrollment. If the program is subsequently cancelled, a full refund is given.
  • If a participant chooses to cancel from a program after the season has begun, a prorated refund is issued, less a $5 processing fee and ticket price, if applicable.
  • All refunds are credited to the participant’s account unless a refund is requested. Credit card refunds are processed weekly; check refunds are issued monthly.

Fee Assistance Program

Group Donating to SEASPAR

SEASPAR is in a position to offer scholarships for a percentage of fees to our families with financial restrictions because we believe that all residents, regardless of financial limitations, should have access to SEASPAR programs.

Generally, fee assistance is available for up to 50% of the program fee. Fee assistance is not available for non-residents, day camp transportation, overnight trips, or the EAGLES adult day program. Any balance due from the previous season must be paid prior to receiving additional fee assistance.

(Arrangements for a payment schedule are also possible to make the payment of fees more feasible; please call us at 630.960.7600 for more information.)


Fee assistance program applicants must reside within a SEASPAR member entity. Evidence of financial need must be demonstrated in order to qualify. Factors defining need include family income or extenuating financial situations such as excessive medical bills, current participation in public aid, food stamps, school lunch, or subsidized housing.


Persons requesting fee assistance must complete this application and submit it prior to the registration deadline. A registration form with a notation “Fee Assistance Applicant” should also be submitted. Applications are reviewed and evaluated. Applicants are notified of their fee assistance with their program confirmation.


  • Fee assistance is available for all programs except overnight trips and the EAGLES adult day program.
  • Fee assistance is limited. Limits are based on the number of assistance requests and available funding. The maximum assistance is 50% of the program fee.
  • Fee assistance is not provided for day camp transportation.

Application Guidelines

  • Information submitted is confidential and is not a matter of public record.
  • Information in the application must be true and accurate. Fee assistance is recoverable if paid and provided on the basis of false information supplied by the applicant and will nullify the request for future fee assistance requests.
  • Fee assistance is provided based on need and availability of funds. SEASPAR reserves the right to approve partial funding or deny an applicant’s request.
  • SEASPAR’s Superintendent of Recreation evaluates all requests.
  • The provision of a complete and accurate application is required and will expedite the request.
  • An application must be submitted every season. Approval of fee assistance does not ensure continued approval for future seasons.
  • Applications are not reviewed if the applicant has an unpaid balance from a prior season.
  • A portion of the applicant’s fee must be paid prior to the start of the season.


There are two ways to submit a Fee Assistance Application:

  1. Visit the Fee Assistance Program Application page and submit the application online, attaching any necessary documentation within the form.
  2. Download the Fee Assistance Program ApplicationClicking this link will open a PDF document., complete it on your computer, and email it to SEASPAR along with any necessary documentation. (Fillable form instructions: Click the link above, and the form will open as a PDF in a new window. Download and save the form. Complete the form and save your changes, then attach it in an email to, along with any necessary documentation. For step-by-step instructions, visit our Fillable PDF Form Instructions page.) You may also print and complete it by hand, and mail or deliver it to the SEASPAR office along with any necessary documentation.

Fee Assistance Applications should arrive at least one week prior to the registration deadline to prevent delays with the registration process. If you have any questions, please contact us online or call us at 630.960.7600.

Having trouble opening PDFs? Download Adobe Acrobat Reader here.