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Inclusion Services

Child with Inclusion AideFor many individuals with disabilities, participating alongside their peers without disabilities can be a beneficial and rewarding experience! So when a person with a disability would like to participate in one of our member entities’ recreation programs, SEASPAR helps make it happen through inclusion services.

We provide services to make these programs accessible by training staff, adapting activities, developing behavioral modifications, and/or providing additional support staff, all depending on the participant’s unique needs.

Information for Parents

To receive inclusion services for your child, first register according to the park district/recreation department policies. Be sure to indicate on the registration form that your child requires an accommodation.

Please note that your child should be able to follow the rules of conduct for the program, either with or without accommodation, and should be willing to voluntarily participate in scheduled activities. We and our member entity staff encourage and aid, but do not force participation.

After you register for the program, the member entity and SEASPAR will work cooperatively with you to provide reasonable accommodations.

For more information, contact us online or call us at 630.960.7600.


What are inclusion services?

Inclusion services provide support through accommodations within any program offered by our member park districts and recreation departments. This allows participation with friends, classmates, and peers.

Who is eligible to receive inclusion services?

Any individual who is served by one of our member entities and has a special need is eligible for inclusion services.

What is the cost for inclusion services?

Inclusion services are provided at no cost to the family through SEASPAR and the local park district or recreation department. Participants pay the regular program fee to their park district or recreation department.

What types of services does inclusion provide?

  • Activity Modification
  • Disability Awareness Training
  • Behavior Management Support
  • Sign Language Interpreters
  • Observation and Evaluations
  • Adaptive Equipment
  • Visual Systems
  • Varying Levels of Staff Support

How do I receive inclusion services?

Register for the park district/recreation department program and mark the “special accommodations” box on the registration form. Be sure to follow up with the park district/recreation department so they are aware of your needs.

The park district/recreation department will then be responsible for contacting SEASPAR’s Inclusion Manager. Once the official request is sent to SEASPAR, we will then contact you for more information on the specific needs requested.

SEASPAR’s Inclusion Manager will observe the program to answer any questions and evaluate the participant’s engagement and the performance of the inclusion aide.

Please note that SEASPAR does ask for at least two weeks’ notice prior to the start of the program.

What qualifications do inclusion staff have?

Inclusion aides are recruited and trained to assist individuals who have special needs. Inclusion aides will ordinarily have a background in special education and/or experience and training in working with individuals with special needs.

The inclusion aide is hired to support the park district/recreation department program and staff. Inclusion aides are not hired to provide private instruction, tutoring, or respite work. The member entity, in cooperation with SEASPAR, determines the need for each inclusion request.

Information for Member Entities

Member entity staff are invited to review the Inclusion ManualClicking this link will open a PDF document. for detailed information and instructions for requesting inclusion services.

Please visit the Inclusion Services Forms page to complete the necessary forms to request inclusion services.

Having trouble opening PDFs? Download Adobe Acrobat Reader here.