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Inclusion Services

SEASPAR Inclusion: Success wherever you choose to play. Image: SEASAPR staff provide assistance to a child playing on playground equipment.

Inclusion Services

Inclusion provides a choice for individuals of varying abilities to experience recreation programming within their community. SEASPAR and the member entity staff work closely with the participant and family to provide enriching recreational experiences in the least restrictive environment while maintaining safety and confidentiality. Inclusion services are offered to residents of SEASPAR’s twelve-member entities at no additional cost to the family. Any direct costs of inclusion support will be billed back to the member entity.  

Inclusion Philosophy 

SEASPAR strives to provide progressive services which will ultimately enable an individual to actively participate in the community recreation program of their choice. Inclusion involves a variety of supports to meet different participant needs. Needs and resources will be assessed to determine the appropriate support for the participant within the program. The need for support for an individual can vary from program to program, season to season. SEASPAR and the member entity staff will work to increase the participants’ independence so that they may participate in the least restrictive environment. 


Overview of Inclusion Services 

Inclusion involves a variety of supports to meet the needs of different participants. The need for support for an individual can vary from program to program, season to season. Needs and resources will be assessed to determine the appropriate support for the participant within the program. Inclusion support may come in the form of:  


Member entities may request an observation of a participant to get suggestions on support that can be given by SEASPAR and the member entity. Observations may also be done on a regular basis by SEASPAR to observe how current supports are working with the participant.

Program Modification  

SEASPAR may suggest program-specific modifications that will make for a more inclusive environment for all. SEASPAR may also suggest modifying equipment or purchasing adaptive equipment to aid a participant in the program.

Visual Aids & Sensory Tool Kits  

Participants may need visual aids such as schedules, social stories, emotion charts, or first/then boards using PECS, Picture Exchange Communication System. SEASPAR will create the visual aid and train the inclusion aide and/or member entity staff on how to effectively implement the visual aid with the participant.  


Training may be requested in by the member entity at any point to educate member entity staff on a wide range of topics such as behavior management, disability awareness, program modifications, developing social and emotional skills, lifting and transferring, etc. Trainings may also be requested for specific participants with medical concerns, challenging behaviors, and/or other concerns.  

Inclusion Aide  

An inclusion aide’s role is to blend into the program with the member entity staff while providing the appropriate amount of support to promote independence and growth in the least restrictive environment. An aide may be assigned to support a participant through a member entity’s program to help manage behaviors, provide physical assistance, serve as an ASL interpreter, support the program’s inclusive environment, etc. Aides can provide varying levels of support based on the participant’s needs at the program at that particular time. An inclusion aide can support 1-3 participants (depending on their needs).

Our goal is to provide our residents with a pathway to success, regardless of where they choose to play.

How to Request Inclusion Services 

Requesting inclusion services can seem like a daunting task. Luckily, we’re here to help guide you through the interactive process so that you can focus on what’s important – the participant’s success.  

NOTE: Inclusion services are typically requested at the time of registration while enrolling in programs or services offered by one of SEASPAR’s member entities. 

    1. The family/guardian of the participant will register for the park district/recreation department program and mark the “special accommodations” box on the registration form.  
    2. Once the registration form is submitted, the member entity will contact the family and direct them to complete the Inclusion Intake Form. 
    3. Based on the information received, SEASPAR and the member entity will develop and prepare an Inclusion Support Plan to determine the appropriate level of support needed to create a successful environment. 
    4. Communication between SEASPAR, member entity staff, and the family continues throughout the interactive process. 
Member Entity Contact Person

Each of SEASPAR’S member agencies has a contact person who can provide answers to questions regarding inclusion. Please contact this person to see if inclusion is the right choice for your participant. 

  • Village of Brookfield
  • Clarendon Hills Park District
  • Darien Park District
  • Downers Grove Park District
  • Village of Indian Head Park
  • Park District of La Grange
  • Community Park District of La Grange Park
  • Lemont Park District
  • Lisle Park District
  • Village of Western Springs 
  • Westmont Park District
  • Woodridge Park District


Does SEASPAR diagnose disabilities?
What qualifications do inclusion aides have?
My child has medication that must be taken during the program. What accommodations can the Park District or Village provide for stowing or administering a participant’s medication?
My child has a one-on-one aide in the classroom. Does that guarantee they will have an aide at the Park District or Village’s programs?


For Parents/Everyone

Inclusion Intake Form
To be completed by the family/guardian after submitting registration and/or after requesting special accommodations for their child.

Inclusion Brochure 
A document that explains SEASPAR's inclusion services in a nutshell.

For Member Entities

Inclusion Notification Form
This form is to be completed by the member entity after having received registration and/or after having received a request for special accommodation.

Inclusion Manual
Member entity staff are invited to review the Inclusion Manual for additional detailed information and instructions for requesting inclusion services.

SEASPAR Inclusion Logo