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New Participant Guide

SEASPAR's New Participant GuideWelcome to SEASPAR! We are so happy that you’re interested in programming with us, and we hope to meet you soon.

In the meantime, there are two steps to get started as a SEASPAR participant.

1. Confirm Eligibility for Services

First, make sure you are a SEASPAR resident, meaning that you are served (in-district) by one of our twelve member entities: Village of Brookfield, Clarendon Hills Park District, Darien Park District, Downers Grove Park District, Indian Head Park, Park District of La Grange, Community Park District of La Grange Park, Lemont Park District, Lisle Park District, Village of Western Springs, Westmont Park District, and Woodridge Park District.

If you aren’t sure, check your tax bill to see whether you pay into any of these agencies. Don’t have a tax bill? Contact the park district or recreation department you think serves you and give them your address to check if you’re a resident. View contact information for our member entities.

Residents of communities served by WDSRA can also participate in SEASPAR programs.

If you pay taxes into a park district or recreation department that SEASPAR and WDSRA do not serve, then you are ineligible for SEASPAR services, but don’t worry! There should be another special recreation association that serves you. Visit the Special Recreation Association Network of Illinois website to find yours.

If you live in an unincorporated area, then you are eligible for SEASPAR services, but program fees are doubled.

Learn more about our residency policy.

Call us at 630.960.7600 if you have any questions about residency requirements.

2. Complete an Annual Information Form

All participants – both new and returning – are required to complete an Annual Information Form each year. This form provides us with the information we need to provide safe and appropriate services to each participant. Complete the Annual Information Form online. Depending on the participant’s needs, additional forms may be required for seizures, transfers, toileting, or diabetes.

You’re all set! We’ll be in touch to discuss your interests and goals and work together to select the perfect programming for your recreation needs. The registration process will proceed from there.

In the meantime, browse this season’s program guide to see what we can offer for you!

If you have any questions or need assistance with this process, please call us at 630.960.7600 or contact us online. We’re here to help!