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Program Policies/Procedures

SEASPAR strives to provide a safe and healthy environment for our participants and staff while ensuring everyone enjoys our programs and services. Please review these policies and procedures before registering for programs.


When a participant cannot attend an activity, families should notify SEASPAR. The number of staff hired for a program is based on perfect attendance. Help us avoid unnecessary expenses by advising us if a participant will be absent. For special events, this allows those on the waiting list to attend and means that no tickets are wasted. We realize that last-minute absences may not allow for notice; however, we appreciate your assistance and cooperation.

Atlantoaxial Instability

Individuals with Down syndrome are at risk of having Atlantoaxial Instability (AAI) which causes decreased stability in the bones of the upper spine. For the safety of our participants, individuals with Down syndrome are not allowed to participate in the butterfly stroke in swimming, diving, tumbling, gymnastics, high jump, and other activities unless they have tested negative for AAI. Please contact us online or call us at 630.960.7600 for more information.

Code of Conduct

SEASPAR asks all participants and guests to observe the behavior code of conduct when participating, spectating, or attending any SEASPAR activity. Participants and their guests are expected to:

  • Show respect to all participants, staff, and public.
  • Listen to and comply with staff direction and program rules.
  • Allow others in the program and those at public facilities to enjoy the activity without disruption.
  • Refrain from using foul language or other offensive behavior such as rude gestures, sexually explicit language, or inappropriate touching.
  • Refrain from causing bodily harm or aggressive physical contact.
  • Show respect to equipment, supplies, and facilities.

Additional rules are developed for specific programs as deemed necessary by the staff. For virtual programs, the code of conduct is as follows:

  • Refrain from sharing program information (Zoom meeting code and password) with others. Virtual registrations are not exchangeable.
  • Avoid joining programs in which you are not enrolled.
  • Select a quiet space for your program. Reduce background noise as much as possible.
  • Ensure that you have an appropriate background for the group to see.
  • Change your name in Zoom to the participant’s first name and last initial.
  • Follow staff’s instructions for taking turns and muting.
  • Treat others with respect when speaking and using the chat function. The chat function may be disabled by staff if it is not used appropriately. Participants may be muted or removed from the program if their behavior is disruptive.


SEASPAR applies a caring, positive approach to discipline. When Code of Conduct expectations are not met, staff will attempt reasonable accommodations to minimize future risks and help the participant to meet behavior expectations. However, when accommodations are attempted and are unsuccessful, or when unsafe or otherwise inappropriate behavior occurs, SEASPAR reserves the right to dismiss a participant whose behavior continues to be unsafe or otherwise inappropriate or whose behavior endangers the safety of him/herself or others.


SEASPAR asks that parents/guardians/group home staff promptly drop off and pick up participants at the designated program times. Be sure to check in with the staff when dropping off and picking up. Drivers will wait a maximum of ten minutes from the scheduled time. After the ten-minute wait period, the driver will continue on the route to the next location. The staff make every effort to return on time from all outings. If unpredictable factors affect the scheduled drop-off or pickup times, SEASPAR staff will attempt to contact parents/guardians/group home staff.

If a participant is traveling home unsupervised, parents or guardians must submit written notice to the SEASPAR office prior to the start of the season. To request the necessary form, please call us at 630.960.7600 or contact us online.

New! Emergency Form (ePACT)

SEASPAR has partnered with ePACT for the completion of each participant’s Emergency Form (previously referred to as the Annual Information Form). The Emergency Form is completed once, then updated by the parent/guardian as changes occur or is reconfirmed annually. Once a participant expresses interest in registering for SEASPAR programs, the parent/guardian is sent an email from ePACT and completes the Emergency Form online. Completion of the Emergency Form is required in order to register for programs.

Loss or Theft

Label all items brought to programs with the participant’s name. Any electronic communication device or adaptive equipment must be checked in with a staff member upon arrival at the program. Participants are encouraged not to bring items of value. SEASPAR is not responsible for theft or loss of personal belongings.

Medication Dispensation

The exchange of medication, information, and participants can become hectic as a group prepares to leave for an activity or at the beginning of a program. To be sure that all medication is in order and staff has the appropriate information, we ask you to put medication in specially marked envelopes, complete the label, and give it to the program leader before the group leaves. To make the process work more efficiently for overnight trips, envelopes are sent to you along with the packing list. For day trips, staff provides envelopes at the drop-off point. For the convenience of those who are involved in many outings, or who take medication frequently, we are happy to provide a supply of labeled envelopes.

All medications, including over-the-counter medications, must be listed on the Annual Information Form. Anytime medications or dosages are changed during the year, please complete the Medication Update FormClicking this link will open a PDF document. so staff have current information.

Participant Expectations

SEASPAR provides leisure opportunities for individuals with disabilities, and while participating in our programs, we stress socialization skills, appropriate behavior, and personal appearance. For the dignity and acceptance of individuals with disabilities, and for their overall self-esteem and enjoyment in community outings, the staff has developed a list of participant expectations. We ask that you assist us in fulfilling these basic guidelines. The participant guidelines were developed for the betterment of our participants, their self-esteem, and normalization.

  • Clean, dry clothing.
  • No bowel/bladder problems upon arrival at the program. If this is a concern, extra clean clothing, cleanup supplies, and Depends garments must be sent with the participant.
  • Attention to body odors (should smell fresh).
  • Appearance should be clean.
  • Appropriate attire for program participation (gym shoes, warm-ups, or loose-fitting clothing for athletic, sports, or exercise programs). If you have a question about attire, call us at 630.960.7600.

Staff will be consistent in stressing personal hygiene while participants are at programs.

Participant Supervision Policy

If a participant has not been picked up at the scheduled program end time, the parent/guardian/group home staff will be contacted. After a fifteen-minute wait period, emergency contacts will be called. After one warning, a $10 fee will be applied for every fifteen minutes that a participant is picked up late or the SEASPAR vehicle is delayed. In extreme cases when a participant must be transported home by SEASPAR, a $20 fee will be charged to the participant’s account in each instance. A notice will be sent to the parent/guardian indicating the fee being charged to the account.

Similarly, if a participant is dropped off fifteen minutes or more prior to the start of program and requires supervision by staff, one warning will be issued before the participant’s account is charged a $10 fee for every fifteen-minute early drop-off. A notice will be sent to the parent/guardian indicating the fee being charged to the account.

Photograph/Video/Name Usage Policy

By registering yourself or your child/ward in any SEASPAR program or event, you consent that SEASPAR has the right to photograph or film you or your child/ward and use the photos/videos for any purpose in any medium of communication, without compensation. Full names of participants may also be published, especially if they participate in athletics or performing arts programming. If there is a specific reason you or your child/ward cannot be photographed or named, please call us at 630.960.7600.


SEASPAR programs are staffed according to the needs and abilities of participants as well as the nature of a particular program. Most youth programs have one staff to three participants and most adult programs have one staff to six participants, but this varies due to the content and nature of the program. There are programs which have one staff to one participant. Closer staff-to-participant ratios are typically for those individuals who have more involved needs and/or behavior issues.

By completing your participant’s Annual Information Form completely and accurately, you can help us plan for our programmatic staffing and safety needs.

Weather Cancellations

Weekly programs and special events may be cancelled due to inclement weather. To check the status of a program, call the SEASPAR office at 630.960.7600 one to two hours before the program begins, or between 4–4:30 p.m. for evening programs. If a program is cancelled, staff attempt to reach all participants by phone to inform them of the cancellation. If indoor facilities are available for weekly programs, the program is held as usual. Programs cancelled due to inclement weather are not rescheduled.

Severe Winter Weather Guidelines for Cancelling Programs:

Outdoor programs or programs with transportation for participants with physical disabilities:

  • Temperature of zero or wind chill of -10° or less

All other programs with transportation:

  • Temperature of -10° or wind chill of -20° or less

All programs (including indoor): snowstorm or blizzard situations when driving restrictions and emergency accident plans are in effect (e.g., winter storm or blizzard warnings).

Severe Summer Weather Guidelines for Cancelling Programs:

Outdoor programs or indoor sites without air conditioning:

  • Heat index of 100° or higher


  • Heat index of 110° or higher

All programs (including indoor) are cancelled when a tornado warning is in effect for the surrounding area. SEASPAR uses discretion for all other weather watches and warnings.

Wellness Guidelines

In consideration of other participants and staff, and to prevent the spread of contagious illnesses, it is required that participants refrain from attending programs when any of the following conditions exist:

  • Fever of 100.4° or higher within the last 24 hours.
  • Vomiting within the last 24 hours.
  • Persistent diarrhea in conjunction with other symptoms.
  • Contagious rash or a rash of unknown origin.
  • Persistent cough and/or cold symptoms.
  • Eye infections or discharge from the eye.
  • Symptoms of mumps, measles, chicken pox, strep throat, flu, impetigo, or Coxsackievirus.
  • Fatigue due to illness that hinders participation in a program.
  • Runny nose with yellow or green discharge.
  • Lice or mites.

Please notify SEASPAR if the participant contracts any contagious illness that will affect attendance at a program. Participants should return to programs at the doctor’s recommendation, or, if not under a doctor’s care, when the symptoms have clearly passed.

If you have any questions or concerns about our program policies or procedures, please contact us online or call us at 630.960.7600.

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