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Multi-Sensory Rooms


What is a Multi-Sensory Room?

Multi-sensory rooms offer specially designed interactive equipment that appeals to the auditory, tactile, olfactory, and visual senses. Multi-sensory rooms, like the ones offered by SEASPAR, primarily benefit individuals with autism, sensory processing disorders, and ADHD.

The Wonders Multi-Sensory Room, located at the Lisle Recreation Center, and Ray's Bay Multi-Sensory Room, located at the Grand Avenue Community Center in Western Springs, both offer unique approaches to delivering sensory benefits. 

Engage Your Senses

Both of SEASPAR’s multi-sensory rooms, Ray’s Bay and Wonders, are designed to engage all of your senses! Each room is equipped with state-of-the-art technology purpose-built to stimulate your senses through hands-on equipment and environmental stimulants.

SEASPAR’s multi-sensory rooms contain interactive equipment that pleases your senses in a variety of soothing ways. While at a SEASPAR multi-sensory room, you may embrace the calming atmosphere atop an aqua bed, follow the motion of the bubbles as they flow and change colors within the bubble tubes, make music with the wave of your hand, enjoy relaxing aromas, make water ripple as you dip your toes into the digitally projected pond, or control vibrant colors and lights with the touch of your hand. Interactive options continue to grow and are only limited by your imagination.

Benefits of Multi-Sensory

Both multi-sensory rooms contain equipment known to benefit individuals by stimulating the senses which can result in:

  • Improved mood
  • Lowered disruptive behaviors
  • Decreased anxiety
  • Decreased fear
  • Improvement in communication
  • Enhanced interpersonal interactions
Who May Benefit

Our multi-sensory rooms primarily benefit individuals of any age with the following:

  • Autism/Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Sensory Processing Disorders
  • ADHD
  • Dementia
  • Physical Disabilities
  • Emotional Needs
  • Anxiety
Multi-Sensory Programs

In addition to private multi-sensory room sessions, SEASPAR provides a wide selection of sensory-friendly programs held at its two multi-sensory rooms. These programs are available to residents of the communities SEASPAR serves. Learn more about these programs inside our current program guide.

Learn More About Our Multi-Sensory Rooms

SEASPAR’s multi-sensory rooms, Ray’s Bay and Wonders, are available to residents of the twelve communities SEASPAR serves. Click below to learn about the unique elements of each room.

Ray's Bay Multi-Sensory Room Logo - Link to Ray's Bay Page
Wonders Multi-Sensory Room Logo - Link to Wonders Page