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Ability Awareness Training at Lemont Park District


Ability Awareness: Lemont Park District

SEASPAR staff provided ability awareness training to the staff of the Lemont Park District on November 29. The training was the first time SEASPAR delivered ability awareness to a member entity’s staff. Ordinarily, ability awareness training is provided to school children, but the value in the lessons benefits people of all ages. The training included a presentation from SEASPAR Inclusion Manager Bethany Pastrana, and various exercises designed to provide the Lemont Park District’s staff with a better understanding of the challenges people with disabilities face daily. Additionally, SEASPAR staff provided answers to questions. The goal of the event was not only to promote ability awareness but to provide the park district staff with resources to serve community members with disabilities confidently. 

To learn more about ability awareness or to request ability awareness training for your staff, contact Bethany Pastrana by email at

Tap the image below to view photos from the event.

Ability Awareness 2022: Lemont Park District