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Actors Guild Performance

SEASPAR presents Lady and The Tramp, an Actors Guild Performance.

This event has taken place. Thank you to all who join us for the live and in-person presentation on May 18. See below for a video of the performance piece.

SEASPAR Presents Lady and the Tramp, an Actors Guild Performance

Love is in the air! Join us for a live performance of Disney’s classic masterpiece, Lady and the Tramp, performed by SEASPAR Actors Guild performers. This one-night performance is open to the public and will be presented live in front of an audience. Admission is free for the whole family.

Performance Details

What: Lady and the Tramp
When: Wednesday, May 18, 7:00 pm
Where: Lincoln Center, 935 Maple Ave, Downers Grove
Who: This is a family-friendly event
Fee: FREE admission

About Actors Guild

Actors Guild is a group of talented actors with disabilities. Their performances include productions of popular classics and original stories. Actors Guild is a program offered by SEASPAR and is available to all people with a desire to let their inner thespian shine bright.