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Actors Guild Spring Play


The SEASPAR Actors Guild took to the stage at the Lincoln Center for their annual Spring Play, presenting an unforgettable rendition of Clue. The talented performers delivered a spectacular show, transforming a typical Saturday afternoon into a day of laughter, suspense, and pure entertainment.

In front of a packed house, the cast brought the classic mystery murder game to life, engaging the audience for two thrilling hours. The intrigue and excitement of Clue were perfectly captured through a fantastic script and wonderful costumes, enhancing the overall experience. From the moment the curtain rose, the performers commanded the stage with their dynamic portrayals, ensuring that the twists and turns of the storyline were both humorous and captivating.

Each actor, actress, director, and crew member behind the scenes from the SEASPAR Actors Guild contributed to the success of the play, skillfully guiding the audience through the maze of clues, red flags, and surprise revelations. The chemistry among the cast members was palpable, as they seamlessly interacted to maintain the high-energy pace and tension that Clue demands.

The Lincoln Center buzzed with excitement as the mystery unfolded, with audience members eagerly guessing “the culprit.” The performers’ commitment to their roles and the evident effort put into the production left an indelible mark on all who attended. The event highlighted not only the exceptional talent within the SEASPAR community but also the joy and inclusivity that the Actors Guild fosters.

This year’s presentation of Clue was more than just a play; it was a witness to the power of community theater in bringing people together and celebrating the arts. As the curtains closed and the applause echoed through the hall, it was clear that the SEASPAR Actors Guild had once again delivered a performance that will be remembered for years to come.

Congratulations to the entire cast and crew for their dedicated work and devotion to making this production a resounding success. We eagerly look forward to next year’s performance and the continued celebration of talent and creativity from the SEASPAR Actors Guild.

Watch the entire performance on YouTube!