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Summer Program Cancellations

Summer Program Cancellations

In the interest of the safety of our participants and staff, and due to the unknown length of the current stay-at-home order that affects many aspects of programming like facility availability and transportation, we have made the difficult decision to cancel SEASPAR’s summer programs as planned in the current program guide.

Staff will continue to focus on providing virtual programs and look to expand those programs, as well as offer other types of programming like activity kits, to help participants be engaged and active this summer season. By the beginning of June, we will release an online version of a new summer program guide to provide activities that are planned to begin June 15.

Does this mean there will be no traditional programming in the summer? Actually, no. If Illinois moves to the next few phases and if we feel we can safely run some in-person programs using the guidelines provided by local and state authorities, we may do so. There are also some Special Olympics sports that begin in the late summer and may still be offered. We also may restart the EAGLES Adult Day Program by the end of the summer if we can. At this time, we do not have all the answers, but as we have updates and can offer programs, we will let participants know via email and through our website.

We recognize that these are difficult times, and we encourage all of our participants and families to stay strong. We so look forward to the day when we can resume normal or at least near-normal programming. Please be safe and be well.

Credits and Refunds

Our team has contacted participants registered for the summer season and processed account credits for canceled programs. If you have any questions about your registration or account credit, please call 630.960.7600 or email