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EAGLES Walk, Run, and Roll 5K


The SEASPAR EAGLES successfully completed participation in the annual EAGLES Walk, Run, and Roll 5K.

The EAGLES Adult Day Program's Walk, Run, and Roll 5K is an annual event that challenges EAGLES participants to a 5-kilometer race. Participants have the option of walking, running, or rolling at a pace of their choosing. The event is part of a SEASPAR initiative to promote healthy lifestyle choices among EAGLES participants throughout its four sites. Leading up to the event, SEASPAR EAGLES site directors cater lesson plans to deliver health-conscious education and incorporate activities known to promote active living.

Normally a one-day event, the 2021 Walk, Run, and Roll 5K was hosted as a 3-day event over a span of two weeks. The decision to host the event on separate days was a conscious choice to promote social distancing. The change also gave participants an opportunity to explore new parks and walking paths throughout the communities SEASPAR serves.

The SEASPAR EAGLES Walk, Run, and Roll 5K was sponsored by The Service Club of Chicago, whose mission is to support positive growth in communities throughout the Chicagoland area through philanthropic support. We thank our wonderful sponsor for their generous support.

Tap on the image below to view a collection of our favorite photos captured during the event.