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Fall Escape: Lake Geneva

The golden season of fall has never felt more enchanting than during our Fall Escape to the picturesque Lake Geneva in October. Our journey was an exhilarating blend of adventure, relaxation, and culinary delights, and we’re excited to share it with you!

We began our escapade with a leisurely exploration of Downtown Lake Geneva. The charming streets were lined with quaint shops, offering everything from handcrafted souvenirs to unique fashion finds. Our group delighted in some retail therapy, indulging in the thrill of discovering hidden treasures.

Evenings by Lake Geneva called for a feast at Popeyes, where the options were as enticing as the lake view. Some among us couldn’t resist the siren call of “all you can eat chicken strips,” while others savored the flavors of the Friday Night Fish Fry, a local favorite. Laughter and stories filled the air as we dined, the perfect start to our adventure.

Saturday was destined to be extraordinary. Our group gathered at the Dancing Horses Theatre, where equine elegance meets the world of performance. We were not just spectators; we became part of the magic with a backstage tour. Our hearts swelled as we got to know these graceful creatures and even petted some of the stars. The thrill continued with a scenic train ride and the joy of a petting zoo, creating memories that will be cherished for years to come.

Our final day in Lake Geneva promised the safari adventure of a lifetime at Safari Lake Geneva. The experience of being up close and personal with giraffes, camels, bison, and countless other remarkable animals left us in awe. Our bond with nature was unparalleled.

As the sun set on our Lake Geneva adventure, we made a delightful stop at Pearces’ Farm Stand. Our group indulged in a sweet and savory extravaganza, from apple cider donuts and delectable cookies to the irresistible flavor of cheese curds. Our bags were filled with memories and goodies to take home.

This Fall Escape to Lake Geneva was indeed a magical experience, a journey filled with laughter, adventure, and newfound friendships. We can’t wait to see where our next adventure takes us.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from SEASPAR trips and join us in celebrating exploration and discovery.

Don’t forget to see the pictures here!