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Giving DuPage Days

Giving DuPage Days is April 26 through April 30. Learn how to give your support.From April 26 to April 30, 2021, DuPage County will come together to celebrate and support SEASPAR and over 100 other local nonprofit organizations during Giving DuPage Days.

This 5-day online community fundraiser is an opportunity to create awareness for SEASPAR and send a resounding message of hope to our community. Join this feel-good event, and help support SEASPAR’s mission.

With your support, SEASPAR will raise the much-needed funding needed to offset the cost of providing services during the COVID-19 pandemic. SEASPAR’s dedication to delivering virtual programming at little to no cost as well as safe, socially distanced in-person programs throughout the current crisis has not come without a financial burden.

Each dollar donated to SEASPAR during Giving DuPage Days will help SEASPAR continue offering free programming and ensure our staff and participants are supplied with proper personal protective equipment. Please consider leading your support today by making a donation of any amount to SEASPAR.

Make a donation of any amount. Your chance to give ends April 30, 2021.

What’s more, you can show your support by simply sharing this event with others! Tell your family and friends, or share on social media.

To those who can give, thank you. Your tax-deductible donation supports programming that provides much-needed structure, interaction, and hope for people with special needs.