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Holiday Spectacular

SEASPAR’s 8th annual Holiday Spectacular was recently held at the Theatre of Western Springs. The audience of approximately 200 people enjoyed the event, which showcased the talents and abilities of SEASPAR participants in various arts including song, dance, and music. Eighty-three participants performed, in a total of 18 acts. Families, friends, and caseworkers attended this unique recital to cheer on their favorite performers. SEASPAR’s Kitchen Creations class made treats for the Spectacular, and sixth grade students from St. Francis Xavier school volunteered for the event, by passing out programs and bringing treats.

holidy spectacular for media (37)
SEASPAR’s Actor’s Guild performing the song “Tradition” from the play “Fiddler on the Roof.”

holidy spectacular for media (11)
Participants from SEASPAR’s EAGLES program, conclude the singing “My Favorite Things” at this year’s Holiday Spectacular.