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Integrating Inclusion

Integrating Inclusion

Because Acceptance and Representation Matter

What is Integrating Inclusion?

Integrating Inclusion is a project that aims to provide SEASPAR youth participants with access to diverse and inclusive books and toys through an online donation drive. These books and toys would be used during weekly programs, special events, at our multi-sensory rooms, Summer Kids Camp, and during the intake process with new participants.

Why It's Important

Integrating Inclusion is important because learning about diversity at a young age can help to break stigmas, increase self-confidence, and promote the importance of inclusion. Just by reading books and playing with toys, our youth participants will learn how to empathize with those who are different from them and relate to those who are the same as them. 

Our Vision

The vision behind Integrating Inclusion is that our youth participants will get to read books and play with toys that teach them important lessons about acceptance and representation. Acceptance and representation of all skin tones, races, cultures, disabilities, gender, and more.

Did You Know?

A recent survey conducted by SEASPAR shows that only 35% of households have one or more toys that feature individuals with a disability. Integrating Inclusion would make it possible for all our youth participants to be able to play with toys that show different disabilities.

Give the Gift of Inclusion

If you are interested in supporting SEASPAR’s Integrating Inclusion project, you can donate an item from our Amazon Gift List. All items donated will be mailed directly to the SEASPAR office. Thank you so much for your help in making Integrating Inclusion possible!