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Rocket League

Learn more about Rocket League, SEASPAR's first eSports program.Introducing Rocket League, SEASPAR’s first eSports program! Rocket League is a video game sport, or eSport, that combines high-octane driving and soccer into one exciting experience. Rocket League is the perfect choice for SEASPAR’s first eSports program because of its FREE cross-platform play and it’s easy to learn to play. No experience is required. All skill levels are welcome.


Join the Team
SEASPAR will introduce participants of the Rocket League program to the fundamentals of the game through various virtual practice sessions hosted by talented SEASPAR staff. The season will introduce participants to single-player, multi-player, and team-based play once ready, will be introduced to competition in tournaments, yay!


eSports Team?
You won’t have to leave the comfort of your home to join this team. Rocket League participants will interact with other SEASPAR friends virtually. Matches will be played in a friendly environment.


Who Can Join?
This program is open to all SEASPAR participants 8 years and older. No experience is necessary, and all skill levels are welcome.


What Does Cross-Platform Mean?
Rocket League is Cross-platform compatible.Rocket League is a cross-platform game, which means you can play on almost every game system on the market. Currently, you can play Rocket League on Nintendo, Playstation, Xbox, and home computer.


Do I need to Purchase a Game Cartridge?
No. The game itself is free to download, though online multiplayer play access is required. Click here to watch a video tutorial, hosted by Coach Matt, on how to download Rocket League for FREE!


How do I Sign Up?
Sign up for this program as you normally would for any other SEASPAR program. The deadline to register for Rocket League is January 4, 2021. Click here to register for Rocket League. 


Program Details
Registration for Rocket League is FREE! The first season of Rocket League will begin on January 20, 2021.


About Rocket League

Rocket league is a popular video game that is played worldwide. The game’s team-based gameplay is a favorite among eSports champions and has helped solidify eSports gaming as a new generation of entertainment for our age. Rocket League is published by Psyonix Games. Learn more about Rocket League online at


Watch videos prepared for you by recreation Coordinator, Matt Gorecki. Each video will help you get started and playing Rocket League in no time!

How to Download Rocket League

How to Run Rocket League

SEASPAR Rocket League Promo