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SEASPAR Spotlight: December 2023

Anna Cavallo stands as a pillar of strength and inspiration within SEASPAR’s sporting community. Anna’s unwavering commitment has been truly inspiring to her volleyball and basketball coach, Christina Healy, over the past three seasons.

Her leadership shines brightly in every aspect of the game. From leading team stretches to volunteering as captain, Anna consistently demonstrates a selfless attitude. She is always willing to step aside to ensure everyone gets their chance to shine. Her generosity and support for her teammates are unconditional, earning her immense respect and admiration.

Beyond the court, Anna’s heart for her SEASPAR friends is boundless. Attending the Actors with Special Needs rendition of “Mamma Mia” was a testament to her genuine support for her peers. Her presence at these events where she can cheer on her friends speaks volumes about her inclusive and caring nature.

Coach Christina Healy speaks highly of Anna’s exceptional memory and organizational skills. Her ability to stay on top of schedules and maintain impeccable attention to detail is invaluable, ensuring practices and games run smoothly. Anna’s conscientious approach to her responsibilities is commendable. Even in moments where success may not come easily, Anna’s positivity remains unshakable. Her remarkable sportsmanship and unwavering enthusiasm for sports inspire all. She responds positively to guidance, displaying an eagerness to learn and improve, setting an admirable standard for sportsmanship across all activities.

But Anna’s impact extends beyond the game’s technicalities. When Coach Christina brings the speaker to basketball games, Anna’s infectious energy takes center stage. Her enthusiasm and impressive dance moves transform halftime into lively, impromptu dance parties, spreading joy and camaraderie throughout the arena.

Anna’s infectious smile and unwavering encouragement extend not only to her teammates but also to her EAGLES friends. Her presence uplifts spirits and motivates everyone around her.

For Coach Christina, coaching Anna isn’t just a duty; it’s a privilege and a joy. Anna’s skills, leadership, and unwavering positivity make her an outstanding athlete but also a cherished friend. Her impact on the SEASPAR community transcends the sports field; she’s a beacon of kindness, sportsmanship, and motivation, enriching everyone’s lives with her passion and unwavering support.