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SEASPAR Spotlight: February 2023


Some people just got it! Meet Emily Kula, a SEASPAR participant from La Grange with an on-stage presence of a star. Like a true star, Emily is a born entertainer. She emits a special kind of energy that she shares with us at events such as music recitals and SEASPAR’s annual Holiday Spectacular. That same energy is also present in her personality, which pays off when she’s interacting with her friends or adoring fans.

Let’s be honest; presenting in front of a live audience is no easy task. For some, the concept can be a nightmare. For Emily, it’s a dream come true. A stage to her is an opportunity to showcase her passion for singing. While her off-stage personality is wonderful, on-stage, her persona elevates to a different level. It’s as if she was channeling Taylor Swift.

As for her confidence, it’s unmatched. To have a lovely voice is a gift, but coupling her voice with her expressive presentation is star quality. Stage lights and the glaring eyes of the audience must fuel her drive because no ordinary person could deliver as she does.

Emily delivers! Her dedication to her craft is reminiscent of today’s biggest stars. As her audience, you can expect to be fully immersed in her performances. In addition to theatrics and passionate singing, Emily elevates her shows with themed outfits with the occasional between-set outfit change.

We thank Emily for sharing her gift with SEASPAR and the world! We are grateful for her and for what she brings to our organization. It’s people like Emily who make SEASPAR truly the place to be. We invite you to be a part of Emily’s next performance at the next Music Lessons recital. You can also visit SEASPAR’s YouTube Channel, where many of Emily’s videos are available.