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SEASPAR Spotlight: January 2024

SEASPAR Spotlight: Ali-Yah Blackwell, the Darien Volleyball Dynamo

In the spirited realm of sports, there are individuals who excel in their craft and bring an infectious energy that lights up every room they walk into. This month, we are thrilled to shine our spotlight on Ali-Yah Blackwell, a beacon of positivity and an outstanding volleyball player from our beloved Darien community.

Ali-Yah’s volleyball journey began as a testament to her unwavering dedication and love for the game. Her passion ignited early on, evident in her determined strides and the radiant smile that never leaves her face, both on and off the court. It’s this infectious enthusiasm that has made her a standout among her peers and a treasured member of the SEASPAR community.

Off the court, Ali-Yah’s warmth and friendliness win hearts. Her love of bowling and dancing is well-known among friends and teammates, making for delightful evenings filled with strikes, laughter, and joy. She effortlessly embodies community spirit, fostering connections and creating unforgettable memories for everyone around her.

Ali-Yah is more than just an outstanding athlete and bowling enthusiast—she is a remarkable friend. Her willingness to lend an ear, offer support, and spread positivity makes her a cherished confidant in our community.

As we celebrate Ali-Yah Blackwell as our first SEASPAR Spotlight recipient for 2024, let us appreciate her unwavering dedication to sports, her infectious zest for life, and her invaluable contributions to our community. Ali-Yah, your vibrant spirit and remarkable sportsmanship inspire us all, and we are honored to have you as an integral part of our family.

Please join us in congratulating Ali-Yah Blackwell for her achievements, indomitable spirit, and ability to brighten others’ lives. Here’s to Ali-Yah and the countless smiles she brings to our community!