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SEASPAR Spotlight: July 2023

SEASPAR Spotlight: July 2023

Ron Kamper

If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Ron Kamper, allow us to introduce you! Ron is a resident of Indian Head Park and has been participating in SEASPAR programs for more years than we can count. He is an incredible Special Olympics athlete, but an even better person!

The first thing you’ll probably notice about Ron is his beautiful smile. That smile is on his face 99% of the time! He is a very positive person and carries an aura of joy that inspires those around him to be happy as well. Ron’s laughter is contagious and even his greetings are joyful – staff love when he calls the office and hits us with a big “HEY!” Even on the phone, we can hear him smiling.

Ron’s enthusiasm is especially important as he is a key player on several of SEASPAR’s Special Olympics teams, including Bowling, Softball, and Bocce. He supports his fellow athletes and is always poised to learn something new, even though he is already a great athlete! Ron must have an entire room in his home just to house all of his Special Olympics medals. Most recently, Ron took third place in Doubles Bocce with teammate Kevin Finch at the Special Olympics Illinois State Summer Games. Ron is a regular at State competitions due to his natural skill and hard work.

When he’s not getting strikes or hitting home runs with SEASPAR, Ron works at Jewel-Osco, where he recently celebrated his 20-year milestone! We know Ron to be a reliable and thoughtful person, and we’re sure that these traits contribute to his success at work.

We thank Ron for being part of the Spartans family and for sharing his spectacular smile with SEASPAR for so many years!