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SEASPAR Spotlight: June 2023

SEASPAR Spotlight: June 2023

Joseph Lyerly

With his remarkable achievements and positive attitude, Joseph Lyerly is being highlighted in this month’s Spotlight. Joseph, a 10-year-old from Woodridge, has been participating with SEASPAR since 2018. Initially starting in Athletics, Joseph has expanded his participation to various other programs offered by SEASPAR, including Swim Lessons, Developmental Swim Team, Karate, and Lightning Softball.

Joseph’s enthusiasm and friendly nature make him a joy to be around for both participants and staff. He not only values competition but also emphasizes the importance of fun and demonstrates kindness and compassion towards his fellow SEASPAR friends.

Joseph’s athletic success is truly impressive. A creative and kind person, Joseph has found great success in Special Olympics sports, including recent gold medal wins at Athletics and Swimming Regional Competitions. In the Special Olympics Illinois Regional Swim Meet held in March, he won gold medals in both the 25-Meter Backstroke and 25-Meter Freestyle events. In April’s Special Olympics Illinois Spring Games, he secured gold in the 100-Meter Run and bronze in the Standing Long Jump. These outstanding performances have earned him a spot in the Special Olympics Illinois State Games, which will be held in June.

The upcoming State Games will provide Joseph with the opportunity to showcase his hard work and talent in front of a large audience. Whether he’s swimming, excelling in Karate, playing softball, or simply spending time with his friends, Joseph is described as an incredible individual and a valued part of the SEASPAR community.

Joseph’s accomplishments are a testament to his dedication and talent as he was also the recipient of the Rising Star Award for youth participants at this year’s Believe & Achieve Recognition Banquet. The SEASPAR community eagerly looks forward to witnessing more of his achievements in the future. We thank Joseph for being part of the SEASPAR family and this month’s Spotlight recipient.