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SEASPAR Spotlight: March 2022

SEASPAR Spotlight: March 2022

SEASPAR Spotlight: Mark Ploskonka

Meet Mark Ploskonka, a SEASPAR participant from Darien. Mark is a perfect gentleman with a soft-spoken personality, impressive manners, ultra-clean sense of fashion, and impressive talent. Mark is a Darien EAGLES participant and is a regular at dances and special events. Mark exemplifies patience, restraint, and is never one to interrupt.

In a room full of big personalities, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd when soft-spoken. However, there’s something special about Mark – you see, Mark possesses an incredible talent for art. Using only his memory as a source, Mark creates wonderful illustrations of popular characters from movies and video games. One could say he literally draws attention with his artistic skills. Mark requires no direction or inspiration to get creative. His innate ability to create illustrations is practiced during program personal time, a treat for EAGLES participants and staff.

Mark’s passion for drawing has produced many works, which up until now held a limited audience. With Mark’s permission, SEASPAR staff created a collection of his illustrations, which could put any seasoned artist to shame, and is now available at to view the Darien EAGLES site. 

We thank Mark giving us permission to share his amazing talent with you today. We also thank him for being an amazing person who exemplifies the meaning of politeness and shows kindness to others. Keep an eye out for Mark at our upcoming events and let him know you love his art!

A photo of Mark, March 2022's SEASPAR Spotlight standing next to a drawing of Olaf.
A hand drawn Image of Superheroes.
A Image of a drawing depicting characters from Disney's Dumbo