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SEASPAR Spotlight: May 2023

Participant Nick Frasca with staff Kim Huggins and the text "SEASPAR Spotlight May 2023"

SEASPAR Spotlight: May 2023

Nick Frasca

This month’s Spotlight shines on Nick Frasca, a participant from Clarendon Hills who joined SEASPAR in 2019 and has been bringing the energy ever since!

As a fixture at SEASPAR’s Social Club and dances, Nick is easy to spot as he gives staff a workout if they try to follow along with his dance moves. When singing karaoke or dancing, his favorite songs are “Hotel California” by The EAGLES, and “All I Wanna Do” by Sheryl Crow. Halloween is Nick’s favorite season, and he’ll sometimes tell his friends or staff, “You’re a monster” or “Scary monster” – but it’s not because he’s scared, it’s because he loves monsters! Nick loves to socialize and keep everyone laughing.

Besides singing and dancing, one of Nick’s favorite activities is bowling, and he’s very good at it! He practices every week with our Bowling at Suburbanite group. He also gets out on the town at lots of special events in the community. He’s a mover and shaker at SEASPAR!

Nick has been thriving at SEASPAR over the last four years, and we’re happy he’s made so many friends and memories with us. We look forward to lots more!