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SEASPAR Spotlight: November 2023

Isaac Ziebell stands out for his prowess on the golf course, as well as his vibrant personality and dedication to sports. With an impressive golf swing and impeccable form, he achieved a significant milestone by reaching the State level of Special Olympics Illinois Golf in 2023 and earning a well-deserved bronze medal. His dedication to the sport is evident in his commitment to constantly improve and represent SEASPAR with excellence.

One of Isaac’s defining qualities is his excellent sense of humor. As a member of our Lemont EAGLES Program, he loves to joke around with his friends and brings an energetic and light-hearted atmosphere wherever he goes. However, what truly sets him apart is his ability to switch gears when required, showing that he can be both playful and focused, which speaks volumes to his maturity and versatility as an individual.

One memorable moment for many was watching Isaac at the Special Olympics Illinois State Golf Tournament this September, where he not only showcased his golfing skills but also his special bond with his father, Gary, who served as his caddy. It was a heartwarming display of their shared commitment to the sport and their close relationship. Isaac’s dedication to self-improvement and positive attitude were clear at this event.

Isaac’s passion for sports transcends beyond golf, and he is a devoted fan of Steph Curry, the iconic NBA player. He loves playing basketball for SEASPAR and is determined to hone his skills to surpass even his idol, Curry. Isaac’s father provides valuable guidance, encouraging him not to imitate but to strive to be better than Curry. This ambition drives Isaac to constantly push himself to new heights in his athletic endeavors.

In the eyes of those who know him, Isaac is described as an athletic enthusiast, a devoted LA Lakers and Steph Curry fan, and a beacon of positivity and energy. He’s caring, both towards his friends and the community, and is always willing to give a helping hand. Whether it’s assisting in the kitchen, taking out the trash, or handling heavy lifting, Isaac is someone you can count on. His passion for sports, coupled with his never-give-up attitude, makes him a true super athlete.

Isaac’s presence is a source of joy for everyone who knows him. He brings smiles to faces and radiates kindness. He embodies the spirit of a SEASPAR EAGLE, a person who is fun, kind-hearted, and dedicated. Isaac is, in every sense, an all-around good guy who is not only dedicated about his athletic pursuits but also to life itself. He is a living testament to the power of determination, humor, and sports love, which makes Isaac Ziebell truly extraordinary.