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SEASPAR Spotlight: October 2023

In the vibrant tapestry of SEASPAR participants, one star stands out as an embodiment of independence, responsibility, and boundless optimism. Meet Melissa Engelhardt, a well-deserving recipient of the SEASPAR Spotlight for the month of October.

Melissa’s journey at SEASPAR has been nothing short of inspiring. Her independence is a testament to her determination and unwavering commitment to making the most of every opportunity. She’s that participant who, despite not having an email address, stays informed and connected. She diligently calls for updates about her programs, ensuring she has all the necessary information.

Furthermore, Melissa’s responsible nature shines through in her travel choices. She’s often seen taking the bus to attend events, always arriving promptly, eager to embrace the day’s activities.

Melissa’s character extends beyond her remarkable independence. She’s a true gem, always ready to lend a helping hand, especially to her mom. Her kindness and willingness to support her family highlight her unwavering commitment to those she loves.

On the volleyball court, Melissa becomes a beacon of positivity. Her ability to connect with fellow athletes and maintain a positive rapport with everyone is truly remarkable. Win or lose, she exudes enthusiasm and sportsmanship, bringing contagious joy to the game.

When it comes to socializing and having a blast, Melissa is in a league of her own. She’s a vivacious dancer, and her love of dance is evident at SEASPAR’s lively dance parties. Melissa’s energy on the dance floor is infectious, and she effortlessly strikes up conversations, making friends easily. Her presence guarantees that every SEASPAR event is memorable and joyful.

Melissa’s qualities make her an absolute pleasure to work with. Her receptivity to instructions, respectful demeanor, and commitment to every program she attends leave a lasting impression on staff and fellow participants alike. Her dedication and positive outlook are admirable to those who work with her.

In an ideal world, Melissa would enroll in every SEASPAR program, testament to her positive impact on the community. Melissa Engelhardt, October’s SEASPAR Spotlight recipient, reminds us that determination, kindness, and positivity are all it takes to light up a room and celebrate every day.