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SEASPAR Spotlight: September 2022


SEASPAR Spotlight: Randy Naberhaus

Few words can express what an organization such as SEASPAR's mission represents. Through a lifelong commitment to discovering abilities, achieving potential, and realizing dreams, this month's spotlight recipient embodies what words cannot.

Meet Randy Naberhaus, an individual from Woodridge with a story so grand that it spans generations. As one of SEASPAR's most experienced participants, Randy has earned many roles, including star athlete, beloved participant, friend, and fan. Among these, the most notable is "star athlete." As a young man, Randy was instrumental in creating a lasting reputation for SEASPAR's athletics program - one that stands to this day. He was a pioneer of many sports, including basketball, field soccer, and track & field. These days, Randy continues to attend games as Team SEASPAR's biggest fan, cheering for those who continue his legacy. And he still competes in track & field, having used a walker to earn yet another gold medal at this year’s Special Olympics Illinois Summer Games in June.

Many of SEASPAR's participants have charming personalities. Big smiles are common at SEASPAR. In Randy's case, facial expressions are a unique form of communication. His heartwarming smile, particularly when greeting him, defines the importance of SEASPAR's mission. Randy's elation gives purpose and evokes various emotions that can reenergize the soul.

We thank Randy for being a part of the SEASPAR family and an important part of its history. We look forward to more of his wonderful smile at programs.

Tap the image below to view an album containing a selection of photos of Randy taken throughout the years. 

SEASPAR Spotlight: Randy NaberHause