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SEASPAR Welcomes New Member Entity

SEASPAR is pleased to announce that the Lemont Park District will soon become a part of the association. At its November 18 Board of Directors meeting, the SEASPAR Board of Directors unanimously approved a request from the Lemont Park District to join the organization, effective May 1, 2015.

SEASPAR, which currently provides recreation programs and services for individuals with disabilities in eleven communities, was approached by the Lemont Park District to determine if SEASPAR might extend services to its community. After several months of discussions and a community assessment, SEASPAR determined that the new partnership with Lemont was mutually beneficial. “SEASPAR is honored to have been selected to provide special recreation services for Lemont Park District residents. Our Board and staff are excited and committed to providing new and exciting programs, along with currently popular programs,” stated SEASPAR Executive Director Susan Friend.

Both organizations are highly committed to providing high quality programs and services to the community. SEASPAR’s strong lineup of recreation programs will become available to Lemont residents, including its award winning EAGLES program and programming in its new state-of-the-art Wonders, multi-sensory room. Lemont Park District offers a number of outstanding recreation facilities including a gymnastics gym, indoor pool, and a Miracle Field that will enhance SEASPAR’s existing programs and allow for expansion as well.

“The Lemont Park District is looking forward to a bright, exciting and beneficial partnership with SEASPAR that will ultimately improve special recreation services in Lemont and surrounding areas for both the near and distant future to come,” said Lemont Park District Executive Director Louise Egofske. Between now and May 1, SEASPAR plans to become acquainted with Lemont residents and to create opportunities for members of the community to learn more about the organization.