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Spartans News: March 2024

March was a very busy month for our Special Olympics athletes! Keep reading to learn all about our incredible competitors’ performances in Rhythmic Gymnastics, Swimming, and Powerlifting Qualifiers for the Special Olympics Illinois State Games. We also have exciting news from the SEASPAR Steel Power Soccer Team!

SEASPAR Athletes Shine at Special Olympics Rhythmic Gymnastics Event

In a dazzling display of skill and determination, SEASPAR athletes showcased their talents at the Special Olympics Illinois Rhythmic Gymnastics Regional Competition held on March 2-3. This event marked SEASPAR’s return to the sport after a four-year hiatus. With grace and elegance, our athletes captivated audiences and left a lasting impression on judges and spectators alike.

Leading the charge was Anna Cavallo, whose mastery of the earned her the coveted first-place position. Not content with just one triumph, Anna showcased her versatility by also clinching first place in the rhythmic ribbon routine, solidifying her status as a force to be reckoned with in the world of rhythmic gymnastics.

Not to be outdone, Anna Genin dazzled the crowd with her flawless rhythmic ribbon routine, earning a well-deserved second-place finish. But it was in the rhythmic hoop routine where Anna truly shone, securing the top spot, and adding another gold medal to her impressive collection.

Rounding out the podium placements was Kari Winter, whose graceful performances garnered her third place in the rhythmic ribbon routine and second place in the rhythmic hoop routine. Kari’s unwavering determination and commitment to excellence were evident throughout her routines, earning her peers and coaches’ admiration.

But the excitement doesn’t end there. Thanks to their outstanding performances, both athletes who clinched gold medals at the competition have earned the opportunity to compete at the Special Olympics Illinois State Summer Games at Illinois State University June 7-9. This prestigious event will provide them with a platform to showcase their talents on a larger stage and compete for further recognition.

As we celebrate the achievements of Anna Cavallo, Anna Genin, Kari Winter, and all our SEASPAR athletes, let us also recognize the unwavering support of their coaches, families, and the entire SEASPAR community. Together, they have demonstrated that with dedication, perseverance, and passion for excellence, anything is possible.

We eagerly await the upcoming State Summer Games, where our athletes will once again inspire us with their talent, determination, and indomitable spirit. Until then, let us cheer them on as they reach new heights and make us proud.

SEASPAR Swim Team Makes Waves at Regional Special Olympics Meet

The SEASPAR Swim Team dived headfirst into competition at the Special Olympics Illinois Regional Swim Meet held at Metea Valley High School on March 21. This event not only showcased the athletes’ incredible talent and dedication but also served as a qualifier for the State Games, scheduled to take place at Illinois State University June 7-9.

The swimmers displayed remarkable skill and determination in their respective events, with many securing impressive placements and demonstrating outstanding sportsmanship throughout the competition. Here’s a rundown of the notable achievements:

  • Rebecca Cavanagh showed her prowess with commendable performances, securing 4th and 6th place finishes.
  • Sarah Cavanaugh won 6th place and participation.
  • Ryan De Los Santos demonstrated resilience, earning 7th place in two challenging events.
  • Sean Kristufek showcased his speed and agility, clinching gold in the 4x25M freestyle relay, silver in the 50M backstroke, and another gold in the 50M freestyle.
  • Joseph Lyerly’s efforts were rewarded with 5th place overall, silver in the 25m backstroke, and gold place in the 4x25M freestyle relay.
  • Alana Maywood displayed exceptional skill, claiming gold medals in both the 25M freestyle and 25M backstroke events.
  • Ryan McGuire dominated his races, securing gold medals in the 400M freestyle, 4x50M freestyle relay, and 100M backstroke.
  • Aidan Metzl’s versatility shone through with 5th place overall, bronze in the 50M freestyle, and gold in the 4x25M freestyle relay.
  • Conor Mulcahy demonstrated strength and speed, earning gold in the 100M freestyle, 50M breaststroke, and the 4x25M freestyle relay.
  • Alex Pareigis showcased her skills with a 4th place finish and gold in the 25M backstroke.
  • Mark Ploskonka contributed to relay success with gold in the 4x50M freestyle relay, along with 3rd place finishes in the 50M backstroke and 50M freestyle.
  • William Porch’s efforts were recognized with 4th place overall, gold in the 4x50M freestyle relay, and 6th place.
  • TJ Postmus showcased determination with two 4th place finishes.
  • Nello Rotelli impressed with gold in the 25M freestyle and a 4th place finish.
  • Chris Tegeler earned gold in the 4x50M freestyle relay and 50M backstroke, and a 4th place finish.
  • Logan Tink found success in his 4x25M freestyle relay, earning gold plus two other 5th place finishes.

The Swim Team’s stellar performances culminated in a memorable event, highlighting their effort and dedication. Congratulations to all the athletes, coaches, and supporters for their remarkable achievements at the Regional Special Olympics Illinois Swim Meet. As the gold medalists look forward to the State Games in June, let’s continue to cheer them on as they pursue further success in the pool!

SEASPAR Powerlifters Excel at Regional Tournament

The SEASPAR community is proud to celebrate the outstanding achievements of our Powerlifting Team at the Special Olympics Illinois Regional Powerlifting Tournament held on March 23 at Marmion Academy in Aurora. This event not only showcased the incredible strength and determination of our athletes but also served as the qualifier for the State Summer Games, offering the chance for gold medalists to advance to the next level of competition.

Our powerlifters displayed remarkable prowess in their respective events, with many securing top honors and demonstrating exceptional skill and dedication. Here’s a breakdown of the impressive results:

  • Jeremiah Adams showcased his strength with commanding performances, claiming gold in both the bench press and deadlift events.
  • Ryan Burke’s determination paid off as he secured gold in the deadlift and silver in the bench press.
  • Dennis Fones demonstrated his powerlifting prowess, earning gold in the bench press and silver in the deadlift.
  • Trent Oltrogge exhibited his strength and skill, clinching gold in the bench press and silver in the deadlift.
  • TJ Postmus showcased his strength with a gold-medal performance in the bench press and a commendable silver in the deadlift.
  • Dillon Pusatera’s efforts were rewarded with silver medals in both the bench press and deadlift events.
  • Allen Rosete demonstrated his dominance with first place finishes in both the bench press and deadlift.
  • Jack Van Alphen’s participation in the bench press event was met with enthusiasm, and he secured an impressive gold in the deadlift.

These remarkable achievements highlight our powerlifting team’s dedication and the unwavering support of their coaches, families, and the entire SEASPAR family. As our gold medalists look forward to representing SEASPAR at the State Summer Games, let us cheer them on and celebrate their accomplishments.

Powerlifting has historically been a small program for SEASPAR with two or three athletes, but this year has proven that the strength and determination required for this sport can be found in many more of our participants. Congratulations to all our powerlifters on their exceptional performances, and best wishes as they continue to pursue their powerlifting passion!

SEASPAR Steel Power Soccer Team Triumphs at the Hoosier Thaw Invitational

In a thrilling weekend of fierce competition, the SEASPAR Steel Power Soccer Team showcased their skills and determination at the Hoosier Thaw Invitational Power Soccer Tournament held in Fort Wayne, Indiana on March 2 and 3.

This marked a significant milestone for our team as it was our debut tournament appearance. Despite facing formidable opponents, our players demonstrated resilience, teamwork, and an unwavering fighting spirit throughout the tournament.

Out of the four intense matches played, our team emerged victorious in three, a remarkable achievement for our first-time competitors. The journey began with a setback in the opening game, but our players refused to be discouraged. Instead, they rallied together, channeling their determination and focus to secure three consecutive wins, much to their supporters’ delight.

The athletes who proudly represented SEASPAR at the tournament were Jacob Gates-Ehlers, Samuel Gonzalez, Jackson Jordan, Matt Matteucci, and Sarah Zmaczynski. Their dedication, perseverance, and outstanding performance on the field were instrumental in the team’s success, earning them admiration and respect from both teammates and rivals alike.

In celebrating this remarkable achievement, let us also recognize the valuable support of the coaches, families, and SEASPAR community. As a result of their encouragement and guidance, our athletes have been inspired to excel and overcome challenges with determination and strength.

The Hoosier Thaw Invitational served as a testament to the talent and potential of our SEASPAR Steel Power Soccer Team. As they continue to hone their skills and strive for excellence, we look forward to witnessing their future successes and cheering them on every step of the way.

Congratulations to our SEASPAR Steel Power Soccer athletes on a memorable tournament debut, and here’s to many more victories on the exciting journey ahead!