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SEASPAR Spotlight: May

It is with immense pride and admiration that we shine May’s Spotlight on Mia Santos, our esteemed Achievement Award recipient from the 2024 Believe & Achieve Recognition Banquet. Mia’s journey with SEASPAR has been nothing short of inspiring, marked by her unwavering dedication, talent, and compassion.

In just two years, Mia has become an integral part of the SEASPAR community. From captivating audiences with her performances in the Actors Guild program to spreading joy through her melodious voice in Glee Club, Mia has showcased her remarkable talents on stage time and time again. But her contributions extend far beyond the spotlight.

Mia’s commitment to service is truly remarkable. Her involvement in the American Royal Beauties pageant, which emphasizes community service and inner beauty, speaks volumes about her character. Throughout the past year, Mia has selflessly dedicated her time to various causes. This includes assisting families in need through the Hope and Friendship Foundation and spreading holiday cheer at Lemont Police Station.

But Mia’s generosity doesn’t stop there. With a heart as radiant as her tiara collection, Mia has touched many lives, sharing her passion for pageantry, and spreading joy wherever she walks. Her commitment to giving back to her community testifies to her kindness and compassion.

Mia, you are truly an extraordinary individual, and we are honored to celebrate your achievements. Your dedication to making a difference in others’ lives is an inspiration to us all.