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Spring Play and Music Recital

Actors Guild Spring Play

On May 8, 2019, SEASPAR’s Actors Guild performed its Spring Play, Sleeping Beauty, at the Lincoln Center in Downers Grove. Highlights from the play include the three good fairies’ hijinks, a food fight among kings, and the slaying of Dragon Malificent. Watch the full performance on YouTube below!

Music Recital

On May 11, 2019, seventeen students in SEASPAR’s Voice, Music, and Adapted Music Lessons, as well as our Glee Club program participants, took to the stage at the Lincoln Center to show off the skills they learned over the last year. Check out each of the performances on YouTube below!

Adapted Music: Paul Bures

Adapted Music: Samuel Gonzalez

Adapted Music: Ram Tibudan

Drum: Becky Berman

Drum: Katie Clark

Drum: Danielle McLaughlin

Glee Club

Piano: Nikita Blajco

Piano: Evan Simpson

Piano: Greg Slade

Voice: Jackson Beatty

Voice: Becky Berman

Voice: Becka Konicki

Voice: Emily Kula

Voice: Dee Malenke

Voice: Kristen McInerney

Voice: Bryal Peterson

Voice: Ricky Plemich

Voice: Kari Winter