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St. Francis Bowling Event

Suburbanite Bowl in Westmont was a whirlwind of strikes, spares, high-fives, and impromptu dance parties on the morning of December 7, when SEASPAR partnered with St. Francis Xavier School of La Grange for a special bowling event for participants.

Forty-six sixth-grade students and 20 chaperones from St. Francis Xavier teamed up with 90 adults participating in programs with SEASPAR, Little Friends Spectrum Vocational Center of Downers Grove, Lily Cache Special Recreation Association of Bolingbrook, and Northeast DuPage Special Recreation Association of Addison for a few leisurely games of bowling. The students assisted participants with tasks from selecting balls to setting up ramps for players in wheelchairs to – most importantly – cheering on their new friends.

The bowling event is just one aspect of a ten-year partnership between SEASPAR and St. Francis Xavier. Each year since 2008, SEASPAR has visited the school for an Ability Awareness program for the sixth-grade class, educating the students about interacting with people with disabilities through activities such as wheelchair basketball and sign language practice. (Watch this year’s students practice their sign language by singing “Happy Birthday” to a classmate on Facebook!)

In turn, the students, along with their parents and teachers, regularly volunteer at SEASPAR programs. This fall, St. Francis Xavier students assisted with not only the bowling event, but also SEASPAR’s Holiday Spectacular, Karate, Glee Club, Alley Cats, Strikers, Power Soccer, Boo Bash, Turkey Shoot, and New Year’s Bash programs and events.

View event photos on Flickr or browse the gallery below!

St. Francis Bowling 2018