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Summer Day Camp: See What’s New

An illustrated image depicting a young man embracing a baby goat while another goat climbs the young man's back. Clouds and hot air balloons surround the man. Text reads: What new: Summer Day Camp.SEASPAR summer day camp provides quality and engaging programs that are convenient and trustworthy for families with children with disabilities ages 5 to 22 years. Activities are planned with safety in mind and offer summer fun, utilizing facilities and amenities throughout SEASPAR’s twelve-member communities, offering field trips, pool time, weekly themes, and special visitors.

This year’s SEASPAR summer day camps are offering more camp options, including new half-day camp options, transportation for select camps, and registration flexibility with week-long sessions.

SEASPAR summer day camp offers Kids Camp for ages 5-12 years, Teen and Adult Camp for ages 13-22 years, and camps for students in the LADSE and Lyons Township High School extended school year programs. SEASPAR’s day camps offer convenience with camp locations strategically located in the eastern and western portions of SEASPAR’s service area.

Camp SEASPAR provides the most dynamic program possible, while never compromising on safety. Daily activities are designed specifically to help individuals with disabilities discover new abilities, achieve their potential, and create happy summer memories.

SEASPAR thanks [5-3] Digital Consulting of Woodridge for their Bronze Sponsorship of the summer day camp program.


Summer camp registration opens on Monday, March 20, and closes on Friday, April 21 at 4:30 pm. Registration is lottery-based and enrollment is not guaranteed. Parents are encouraged to complete their child’s 2023 Annual Information Form early, if they haven’t already.

Fee Assistance Program

SEASPAR’s Fee Assistance Program makes programs attainable to families with financial restraints through scholarships funded by generosity. Apply confidentially online.

Program Guide

Current SEASPAR participants ages 5-22 will receive a summer camp guide in the mail. The guide will also be available on this website beginning March 10.

Read now: Summer Day Camp 2023 program guide.

Register early and help your kiddo have a memorable summer with SEASPAR!