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Thank You to Our Supporters

Thank you from SEASPAR!To all our Annual Appeal & Giving Tuesday Supporters,

Thank you for your recent support during SEASPAR’s end-of-year fundraising, including the Annual Appeal and Giving Tuesday. We were amazed by the show of support from so many people. Because of so many generous donations, we not only met our goal, we far exceeded it! While the amount raised was shocking, the show of support came as little surprise given the amazing communities SEASPAR serves.

SEASPAR can attribute much of its success to the twelve amazing communities and the residents it serves. Through their support, SEASPAR has delivered important services to people with special needs of all ages for over 46 years. This year, your contributions will benefit important resources like SEASPAR’s Fee Assistance Program, free or low-cost virtual programming, and personal protective equipment. Because of the scale of donations received, more areas in need can now benefit.

In the end, a grand total of $30,465.89 – over three times our goal – was raised! The largest donation received was for $5,000, but half of donations were for $50 or less, which serves as a reminder of the impact contributions of all sizes can make.

Below is a breakdown of donations received:

Number of Donations: 128

Number of Donations of $50 or Less: 64

Largest Single Donation: $5,000

Smallest Single Donation: $2

Amount Raised: $30,465.89

“[Virtual] programs were crucial in providing my daughter some enjoyment and social contact during a very difficult year.”

-Participant Parent

In addition to monetary donations, some donors provided words of encouragement and gratitude for SEASPAR’s services. One happy parent wrote us, “[Virtual] programs were crucial in providing my daughter some enjoyment and social contact during a very difficult year.” This parent wasn’t alone, as many other donations arrived with similar notes. This and all other messages were collected and shared with staff, who were moved by the kind words.

The support SEASPAR receives is invaluable to us. Already, your donations are ensuring SEASPAR’s services are reaching those in need of interpersonal connection, structure, and recreation. Your support helps to further our mission, and helps individuals with special needs discover abilities, achieve potential, and realize dreams!




Giving Tuesday and Annual Appeal

Thank you to all of the following generous individuals, families, and businesses for their support of SEASPAR’s 2020 Giving Tuesday and Annual Appeal year-end fundraising campaigns. Over $30,000 was donated to support our programs and services!

Robert Ackermann
Adam Adair
Dana & Steven Avalos
Reginald & Donna Ball
The Jackson Barrett Beatty Family
Lawrence Barrett, Suburban Door & Lock
Kirk Bastyr
Agathe Beaulieu
Thomas Bellaire
Lisa Benco
Mary Berardi
Laurie Best
Ron & Delores Biegun
Kevin Brennan & Catherine Lee
Rebecca Brown Schlorf
Mark Buglio
Richard & Beverly Buglio
Richard & Kathleen Burger, Rich’s Painting & Decorating
Elaine & Kevin Burke
Lois Bush
Rosemary & Robert Carroll
William Cazares
Jean & Edward Cholewa
Ann Clark
Carolyne and Jerry Clousson
Elizabeth Coffey
Marie-Colette Conaldson
Matthew Corso
Brian & Eileen Couri
Paul Darley, W.S. Darley & Co.
Theresa DeLuca
Martine Derom
Gary Donaldson
Emilie Donaldson
Ofra Dose
Mr. & Mrs. Downey
Roger Dreher
Louise & John Egofske
Tommy Else
Thomas Extrom
John Fedor
Audrey Finkel
Vicki Forieri
Jo-Anne & Edwin Foster
Susan & Robert Friend
The Dan Garvy Family
Phyllis & Jennifer Giacalone
Christopher Gilmartin
Mr. & Mrs. R. Goste
Lisbeth Grillos
Jeff & Christine Grohne, David F. and Margaret T. Grohne Family Foundation
William & Rose Gronko
Elisabeth & Mark Grzywa
Theodore Grzywa
John Hamilton
Meghan Hamilton
Paul & Rosemarie Hauge
Sandra Henderson
Charles Hlavaty
Amanda Horvath-Adair
Jewel Huggins
Kim Huggins
Raymond Jablonski
Ray & Jeanine Jasica
Ilona Berry & John Krivicich
Christopher Johnson
Lawrence Klein
Chloe Konicki
PJ Konicki
Stephanie Levac
Drs. Sam & Ellen Lilly
Mark Livesey
James & Cara Long
Riley Love
Richelle Lugo
Terry Mahoney
Nalini Maiya
Robert & Dana McGinnis
Michelle Meegan
Teresa Meilus
Ann Clark & Michael Francis
Rhonda Mikelenas
Kimberlie Molinaro
Alice Morava
Catherine Morava
Rita Morrissey
Sandeep Nain
Kimber Nelms Silveus
Karen O’Kelly
Ryan Oloris
Karen Olson
Karen Palcowski
Deborah Parran
Kristy Pauley
John & Solange Pilizota
Margo Piper
Michael & Laura Plemich
Kay Pollock
Margaret Reetz
Lisa Rivers
Mark & Joanna Roman
Edgardo Rosete
Kathleen Rzepka
Gina Sarlo
Doug Saunders, FLEXCO
Joanna & Michael Schiferl
Jack & Joanne Schubert
Marilyn Seelander
William & Marilyn Sherman
Richard & Peggy Sikes
Ruth Ann Sikora
Donald Smetko
Jane Smith
Alyce Sosnowski
Patricia Stanek
Pat Stanton, Jr., Patrick Commercial Real Estate
Blair Thompson
Deirdre Toler
Delphine Tuholsky
Tom Van Howe
Randall Wallin
Carmen Woodring