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Top Five Virtual Programs of 2020

SEASPAR's Top five virtual programs of 2020. Did your favorite program make the cut?2020 certainly wasn’t a typical year for, well, anything, including SEASPAR! As SEASPAR’s in-person programming took a backseat due to the global pandemic, virtual programming quickly became participants’ top choice for at-home recreation.

From the get-go, participants packed virtual meeting rooms, stretching the limits of even the most hearty bandwidth. Creative ideas and new ways to deliver fun began sprouting up as frequently as classes were held. Needless to say, it was a solid year for virtual programming.

The following are the top five virtual programs of 2020. While many programs breached the participant threshold here and then, our list comprises virtual programs that dominated in registration all year long. In other words, these virtual programs not only filled seats but also kept them filled.

5. Work-In with SEASPAR

Coming in at number 5 is the actively proactive virtual class, Work-In with SEASPAR. Working off the philosophy that one doesn’t have to leave the house for a good workout, Work-In with SEASPAR delivered coordinator-led workouts directly into participants’ living rooms. This program coming in at number five lets us know that SEASPAR participants love being active!

Registration for the next session of Work-In with SEASPAR is available now through March 10. Register now.

4. Game Night

Coming in at number 4 is Game Night. Game Night is a staff-led program that provides participants with a board game night experience. Participants of Game Night are provided with the opportunity to mingle with friends and staff.

Registration for the next session of Game Night is available now through March 10. Register Now.

3. Feast with Friends

In the number 3 spot is Feast with Friends. Feast with Friends is a virtual program that celebrates the greatest duo since Batman and Robin, good food with good friends. In this program, participants are encouraged to enjoy a snack of their choice and discuss whatever comes to mind. Nothing to talk about? No problem! SEASPAR program coordinators are always on hand to jumpstart a conversation.

Registration for the next session of Feast with Friends is available now through March 10. Register Now.

2. Yoga with Jen

It wouldn’t be a stretch to call this program popular. Earning the number 2 spot on this list is Yoga with Jen. Yoga with Jen delivered the therapeutic benefits of yoga directly to participants’ homes. Hosting each class is long-time SEASPAR yoga instructor Jen Young. Jen’s approach to virtual yoga is well-received by participants of all abilities, which is why this program has earned the number 2 spot on our list.

Registration for the next session of Yoga with Jen is available now through March 10. Register Now.

1. Bingo (Virtual)

BingoAnd finally, coming in at the number 1 spot is [drumroll please!] BINGO! We weren’t surprised to see this program make the top 5 list. Taking the number one spot wasn’t all too shocking either. As one of SEASPAR’s most popular in-person programs – and its relatively smooth transition to a virtual outlet – it makes complete sense to see it dominate the standings. Bingo is well-known for packing the house, or virtual house, every week. It’s where participants from all corners of SEASPAR’s communities meet.

Registration for the next session of Bingo is available now through March 10. Register Now.

So, there you have it! Our top 5 virtual programs of 2020. While many amazing programs did not make a list, it was not for lack of trying. As mentioned earlier, our criteria for ranking were based solely on registration. In the end, SEASPAR delivered on its promise and kept people with special needs recreating, even if at a distance. We thank everyone who helped make our 2020 virtual programming a success. We look forward to continued success in 2021, regardless of when, where, and how, because, in the end, we endure.

As a reminder, these and so many other amazing virtual programs are now available for registration. Many of which are available at no cost! But you’ll have to act quickly because registration ends on March 10 at 4:30 pm. Learn more about registration and submit yours now!