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Therapeutic Recreation Month

February is International Certified Therapeutic Recreation Professional Month and to celebrate, SEASPAR is honoring its CTRS professionals!

I have the best job in the world, but like most professions, it requires special training and a special type of drive. SEASPAR’s vision is to provide individuals with special needs the resources to discover abilities, achieve potential, and realize dreams. Because of amazing CTRS professionals, that vision surpasses reality.

As a special recreation association, SEASPAR makes special efforts to ensure essential therapeutic recreation services are available to all people, regardless of abilities. And because not all abilities or needs are the same, our capacity to adapt is paramount. Luckily for SEASPAR, our CTRS professionals are well-trained and have excelled beyond even my expectations.

Please help us celebrate therapeutic professionals’ commitment everywhere by taking a moment to thank anyone you know who has dedicated their careers to this noble profession. You may also join the celebrations by acknowledging any of SEASPAR’s professionals who, for over 46 years, have brought joy to your countless families.

Matt Corso
SEASPAR Executive Director


CTRS stands for Certified Therapeutic Recreational Specialist. The CTRS is a certified recreational therapist who has demonstrated professional competence by acquiring a specific body of knowledge and passing the NCTRC exam.

Among SEASPAR’s staff of professionals, the following individuals are accredited CTRS certified:

Matthew Corso_SEASPAR

Matthew Corso, CTRS, CPRP

SEASPAR Executive Director

Matthew Corso has been a long-time advocate of Therapeutic Recreation. He strongly believes Therapeutic Recreation is an important component to living life to the fullest. As Executive Director of a special recreation association, he is committed to providing well-rounded services to people of all abilities.

Molly Downing_SEASPAR

Molly Downing, CTRS

SEASPAR Recreation Coordinator

As SEASPAR’s expert in youth programming, Molly advocates the importance of introducing therapeutic recreation at an early age. She believes that youth who experience well-rounded therapeutic recreation-based programming early in life are more likely to succeed in similar environments as adults resulting in a more fulfilled life.

Megan Frey_SEASPAR

Megan Frey, CTRS

SEASPAR Recreation Coordinator

Megan believes therapeutic recreation is more than a holistic approach to life-giving services. She believes therapeutic recreation is an opportunity to provide individuals with evidence-based therapy in a compassionate environment that shows we care.

Shannon Tovey_SEASPAR

Shannon Tovey, CTRS, SHRM-CP

SEASPAR Support Staff Manager

Shannon firmly believes in the therapeutic benefits of recreation and activity-based interventions for all individuals. She enjoys mentoring and guiding Therapeutic Recreation students through internship programs offered by SEASPAR, something she has been doing since earning her CTRS title in 2009.